Outsource the export manager services

We connect European Manufacturers
with European Distributors

You don’t need to speak languages.
You don’t need to travel to international trade shows.
We have the perfect solution!
We contact the best Distributors in each country.
Our Sales Managers have great knowledge of the Food Sector in their own country.
What are you waiting for?

How does it work?


Sign up and choose the countries where you want to expand.


Discuss strategies with our team member from your own country.


Our team members from the countries you chose search for the best Business Partners.


Negotiate the business terms with the proposed Business Partners.


Sign new Distribution Agreements and start selling your products abroad.

Language barriers

Count on us


Very often what makes it difficult for a company to export to other countries is the different language and culture that the other country holds. Knowledge of other countries and languages helps a lot to be able to contact new Business Partners and negotiate favourable terms.

We can help you overcome these barriers.

EU legislation

We can sort it out


The European Union has made it possible to export food products to all EU countries. But what are the exact steps to take when we want to start? Although the EU facilitates a lot our job it is still a hassle for companies to start exporting to other EU countries.

We can help you with that!

Business terms

The best for you


How to write a good Distribution Agreement, what terms should we include? Deciding the payment methods, Incoterms, shipping methods and a lot of other issues is especially important at the very beginning of a new business relationship. We advise you on the international standards, about the best options for your Company.

Do You Want To Boost Your Business?

We help you eliminate the cultural and language barriers in your European Business.